Fairtex BGV1 – Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review 2020

In the wake of utilizing the rec center’s gloves for my first couple of classes of Training, sparring, and boxing Fairtex BGV1, I realized I would need to purchase my own as quickly as time permits. It’s the main thing I prescribe to individuals other than purchasing hand wraps.

Before purchasing anything I will in general read however much as could be expected regarding the matter and I went through a really long time discussing what my first boxing gloves would be. I’ve composed this article to ideally save you some time burrowing on the web for more data on these Fairtex BGV1 Boxing gloves.

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Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves Review

Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves Review
Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves Review

First of all, you need to pick what size of gloves you need to prepare with. I do a great deal of muay Thai and boxing and I would state 80% of the time I’m hitting thai cushions/center gloves and 20% of the time I am working the substantial sack. I for one purchased 14oz Fairtex BGV1’s nevertheless they really weighed precisely 16oz each.

There’s a variety of sentiments online about what weight of gloves your preparation gloves ought to be nevertheless everything relies upon hand size, weight, kind of preparing and above all your own inclination.

I currently have 10 oz, Cleto Reyes, that I use for light sack work and the entirety of my pad work and I totally love them. The Cleto’s (which I’ll be surveying straightaway) are eminent however in the event that you have huge hands you’ll always be unable to fit them in the 10 ounce or little size Cleto Reyes Hybrids.

Fairtex bgv1 training gloves

I suggest attempting various loads and picking what to purchase accordingly. Significant note: If you’re just going to have the option to bear the cost of one lot of gloves and you expect on competing; purchase 16oz gloves and you’re all set.

For me, I think having a decent light pair (10 ounces) and a substantial pair for fighting (16 ounces) would be great.

Presently onto the real audit of the Fairtex BGV1’s…


First of all, these gloves are excellent… I had never possessed a couple of boxing gloves yet had looked at tons face to face and on the web and these were certainly probably the most pleasant of the pack.

The construct quality is astounding and there’s entirely twofold sewing at all and not a solitary string strange that I’ve seen. The calfskin is delightful and I have only positive comments about the completion of these gloves.

Score: 10/10


To the extent fit goes, I have blended emotions about the fairtex bgv1 training glove’s. I saw the hand compartment as too large yet I likewise have moderately little hands. In the event that you have huge hands and utilize long hand wraps you would undoubtedly see the fit as fine and dandy. Due to the enormous hand compartment, I never felt like my knuckles were in the right position. I found that my knuckles were excessively far back and excessively high up and I really think this prompted me, in the long run, having a knuckle injury.

Of the considerable number of gloves I’ve utilized up until now, the snare and circle that the BGV1’s have are the best. By  Hybrids are worth CAD more and the snare and circle and velcro are not even close as solid or very good quality as the one on my Fairtex bgv1 sparring gloves.

Fairtex bgv1 sparring gloves

The assurance on these gloves is totally different than on most boxing gloves since they are a Muay Thai glove. Muay Thai gloves have all the more cushioning on the lead hand of the glove and furthermore on the sides so as to shield from kicks. This implies a Muay Thai glove can weigh as much as a boxing glove yet the cushioning is more spread all through while a boxing glove has cushioning concentrated principally at the front of the glove.

These gloves are extremely firm… following quite a while of utilizing them, I despite everything saw them as exceptionally hard. They did in the long run relax yet I had a great deal of hand and knuckle torment all through the utilization of these gloves. I don’t accept that there is an absence of cushioning in the knuckle zone, I simply feel that the cushioning utilized is excessively thick. Contrasted with my Cleto Reyes with 6oz less cushioning, the Cleto’s vibe like pads and the Cleto’s are viewed as “fairtex bgv1 gloves review”.

fairtex bgv1 gloves review

fairtex bgv1 gloves review
fairtex bgv1 gloves review

The absence of grasp bar in the glove didn’t trouble me when I originally purchased these gloves. The absence of hold bar was not an issue since I hadn’t utilized numerous different gloves and didn’t understand the amount I love having a grasp bar. A few people discover the absence of a hold bar as a constructive so I will chalk this one up as close to home inclination and not as an adverse.

Score: 6/10


I have an extremely tough time passing judgment on the estimation of these gloves. The gloves were bought for $120 CAD and the construct quality merits each penny yet I simply don’t feel that the presentation of the gloves legitimizes the cost.

Subsequent to paying $220 CAD for Cleto Reyes Hybrids and utilizing them for two or three weeks, I can genuinely say they are 10 out of 10 for construct quality and execution and the cost is defended.

It’s difficult to state that the BGV1’s are an extraordinary incentive from my experience on the grounds that the hand compartment was so enormous and the cushioning was thick to the point that I needed to move onto another arrangement of gloves. I likewise accept that somebody with bigger hands that enjoys a harder glove may see these as great. Everything comes down to individual inclination and for me, spending the extra $100 CAD was justified, despite all the trouble for the Cleto Reyes Hybrids.

Score: 6/10

Pros and Cons for fairtex bgv1 gloves


  • Fabricate Quality is marvelous
  • Cushioning on the head of the hand and wrist is extraordinary
  • Stylishly the most attractive gloves out of Thailand
  • Absence of hold bar

Cons :

  • Enormous hand compartment (on the off chance that you have littler hands)
  • Thick cushioning in the knuckled territory
  • On the better quality value savvy
  • Absence of grasp bar

fairtex bgv14 vs bgv1

I think to certain individuals, these gloves could be the ideal boxing/muay thai glove. I think the significant thing when purchasing BGV1’s is that you give them a shot first. Individuals who have consistently utilized gloves with hold bars may cherish/detest the absence of one in the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1. Some may see the cushioning as too thick and some may not. Littler people with little hands may discover them to have an excessive amount of room in the hand compartment and others may appreciate the additional room.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1

In general Score: 7/10


  • Larger part of clients commended the brand on the excellent workmanship (sewing) and materials (cowhide) utilized.
  • One of the most unmistakable highlights of the BGV-1 is an absence of grasp bar which makes them more adaptable and appropriate for securing.
  • A few analysts remarked that there are a lot of hues and plans to browse.
  • Various clients noticed that the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1 looks more minimized than different brands. The smoothed out structure makes them more proportionate to body size especially for littler fighters.
  • A couple of analysts suggest the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1 for more prepared military craftsmen as the cushioning gives a “snap” to give incredible input when you hit the sacks and cushions.


  • A few clients referenced that the cushioning is hard to break in.
  • A lot of analysts state that the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1 was unsatisfactory for fighting because of the thick cushioning which makes getting hit in the face a particularly undesirable encounter contrasted with different brands.
  • A few clients of the BGV-1 abhorrence the absence of a wrist bar as they find that they think that its harder to make a clench hand.
  • A couple of individuals featured that the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1 were less appropriate for tenderfoots as the gloves had less cushioning in the knuckles.
  • Two or three analysts imagined that the sleeves could be somewhat more extensive to offer somewhat more help.

Our Take on Fairtex bgv1:

Fairtex BGV-1 is the brand’s leader boxing gloves assortment and stays one of the most well known and top of the line Muay Thai gloves on the planet. The smoothed out structure combined with ideal padding security and top-quality calfskin settle on them an amazing decision for most levels. In spite of the fact that not without a lot of pundits, the geniuses exceed the cons for the BGV-1. The deals and great surveys on Amazon and many audit destinations represent themselves.

The Fairtex BGV1 retails for around in Bangkok, which is the normal going cost for a large portion of the decent Thai brands. On Amazon, they go for around which is an entirely sensible cost for the rigging of this quality.

I would not so much prescribe these for competing or tenderfoots to pugilistic games. For every other person, it’s extremely difficult to turn out badly with Fairtex BGV-1.

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