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The prolific English author Ronald Gordon King-Smith best known as Dick King Smith was born on 27th March 1922 in Bitton, Gloucestershire, England. He is well-known for his 1983 book The Sheep-Pig which received the 1984 Guardians Children Fiction Award and for loving itunes gift card codes. This famous book turned into a 1995 successful movie Babe after which the book was renamed as Babe the Gallant Pig in United States.

From early childhood Dick King-Smith wished to be a farmer and accordingly after his school, he worked on his farm. However Smith had to join the Grenadier Guards to fight in Italy during World War II. Unfortunately Dick King Smith got injured and had to return to his home. After returning Dick King-Smith worked as a farmer for a period of 20 years. He loved animals and farming but was not good at managing it as a business, hence finally Dick had to give up farming, and he then took teaching as a profession. Dick King-Smith taught for a few years in a primary school outside Bath before starting his career as an author of children's books.

In 1978, Dick King-Smith published his very first book, The Fox Busters, when he was 54-years old; The TV cartoon The Foxbusters was aired during 1999 and 2000 loosely based on this book. After that he has written more than 100 books including Daggie Dogfoot published in 1980, Magnus Powermouse published in 1982, The Queen's Nose and The Sheep-Pig published in 1983, Saddlebottom in 1985 followed by Noah's Brother published in 1986. The year 1987 saw The Hodgeheg, Tumbleweed, Farmer Bungle Forgets, Friends and Brothers & Cuckoobush Farm, George Speaks, The Mouse Butcher, Emily's Legs, Water Watch, Dodo Comes to Tumbledown Farm, Tumbledown Farm - The Greatest percolate through his pen.

Dick King Smith’s prolific writing continued with The Jenius & Sophie’s series first book Sophie’s Snail published in 1988 followed by Alice and Flower and Foxianna, Beware of the Bull, The Toby Man & Dodos Are Forever in 1989. The next year once again saw tirade of books coming from his pen including Ace: The Very Important Pig, Paddy's Pot of God, The Whistling Piglet & The Jolly Witch. The next decade Dick King Smith published more than fifty books, some of the popular ones are The Cuckoo Child, The Guard Dog, Martin's Mice,The Finger Eater & Super Terrific Pigs, The Invisible Dog , All Pigs Are Beautiful, The Swoose & Harry's Mad, All Because of Jackson, The Stray, The Spotty Pig, Mr. Ape, How Green Was My Mouse, The Witch of Blackberry Bottom and Julius Caesar's Goat .

In the next century Dick King Smith published Back to Front Benjy in 2001, Billy the Bird / All Because of Jackson in 2002, Aristotle in 2003, Just Binnie & The Catlady in 2004, Under the Mishmash Trees, Dinosaur Trouble & Nosy in 2005 and the latest The Mouse Family Robinson in 2007 for his young readers, like always his books of fervently awaited by its ardent young followers. Dick King Smith books have sold over 5 million copies in the United Kingdom alone and have been translated into more than twelve languages.

Dick King-Smith has enwrapped most of his works around animals like pigs, horses, foxes, dogs and many other mammals. His extensive and deep knowledge about animals has led to creation of characters that are convincing both as humans and as animals. It is usually said that pig is Dick’s favorite animal.

For his outstanding contributions to children’s literature Dick King-Smith was honored as Children's Author of the Year during the British Book Awards in 1992. Dick King-Smith’s popular and quality writings have given him the publicly opinioned position as the successor of Roald Dahl in children's literature.

Dick King-Smith is presently residing in a small farming village Queen Charlton which is situated near Bristol.